niteillume is a retrofit product that can be used in virtually any 1x4 , 2x2 or 2x4 night light fixture. Night Light fixtures are generally on 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to provide light for safe passage and security in commercial and industrial facilities when the facility is unoccupied.

Operation is a follows….

When the general room lights are turned off at the end of the shift via wall switch or motion sensor, niteillume's  patented design  signals the control module to switch the night light fixtures fluorescent lamps off and simultaneously turn on the LED light source in that fixture.

For a two lamp fixture the reduction in energy is from 64 watts(or a three lamp fixture 96 watts) down to 4.4 watts using the LED. That would be a savings of 59.6 watts or  91.6 watts for a three lamp fixture, or 93% and 95% energy savings.

In a typical office allowing for flextime and OT, occupied time is about 72hrs/wk, leaving 96hrs unoccupied. For a two lamp fixture the annual kilowatt-hour savings would be 59.6 watts/1000watts per Kw x 96 hrs./wk x 52wks/yr = 297.5kwh per fixture. Not only is the dollar savings very good but the greenhouse gas reduction as well. The fluorescent lamp and ballast life is extended significantly and this saves on fixture cost of ownership from re-lamping and re-ballasting and keeps the hazardous material out of the landfills much longer.

niteillume is produced and sold by Preferred Lighting Solutions and is Patented.

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